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Welcome to Rocks Fall Everyone Dies, the DnD Specialty Gaming Dice Shop

Hello weary travelers! Looks like your journey for the perfect set of Dungeons and Dragons dice has brought you here. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! At RFED, we supply gaming dice to a wide range of customers, including but not limited to elf bards, drow rangers, dwarf clerics, human wizards, halfling rogues, and even some Warforged!

Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds, from Dungeons & Dragons, White Wolf Productions (Vampire the Masquerade, Hunter the Vigil, etc), Call of Cthulhu, Magic the Gathering, Arkham Horror, Munchkin, Shadowrun, FATE, and more. Different kinds of games require different kinds of dice, and not all gamers like the same kinds of dice. At RFED, we have a wide selection of dice at near-warehouse prices, so you’ll definitely find what you need. All members of the RFED staff are also gamers, so we know exactly what you want. Your suggestions and feedback are important to us, which means we’ll read and respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

Whether you’re a player or D&D dungeon master looking for d20s, d10s, d6s, d4s, d12s, fudge dice, or just general dice sets, we’ll have what you need. So what are you waiting for? Our goal is to make your tabletop gaming dice shopping experience a stellar, painless, and easy experience. Check out our shop today!